Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AFL Injury List Round 2

Who did not get through the weekend with out an injury. 

We had a few rookies this week that got injured. Some that were doing good asswell did you have them.

Who will be back this week. Who has a few more Rounds. Who got injured you will have to read to find out.

THE complete list of who's hurt at every AFL club leading into Round 3.


Scott Stevens (concussion) available
Simon Goodwin (knee) test
Graham Johncock (thumb) 1-2 weeks
James Sellar (hamstring) 2-3 weeks
Sam Shaw (shin) 3-4 weeks
Rory Sloane (ankle) 5-6 weeks
Brodie Martin (knee) indefinite
Brad Moran (knee) indefinite
Brad Symes (knee) indefinite
Andy Otten (knee) season


Jed Adcock (quad) TBC
Callum Bartlett (knee) 2 weeks
Mitch Golby (knee) 2 weeks
Bryce Retzlaff (shin) 2 weeks
Sam Sheldon (back) 2-4 weeks
Jamie Charman (ankle) 4 weeks
Bart McCulloch (quad) 4 weeks
Amon Buchanan (thumb) 4-6 weeks

Xavier Clarke (knee) indefinite


Paul Bower (leg) test
Mark Austin (groin) 1 week
Rhys O'Keeffe (hip) 2-3 weeks
Brad Fisher (knee) 9-10 weeks


Ben Johnson (knee) 2-4 weeks
Cameron Wood (finger) 2-4 weeks
Josh Thomas (calf) 2-4 weeks
Brad Dick (shoulder) 6-8 weeks


Mark McVeigh (infection) test
Leroy Jetta (thumb) four weeks


Chris Tarrant (ankle) test
Garrick Ibbotson (shoulder) 4 weeks
Antoni Grover (knee) 4-5 weeks
Tim Ruffles (knee) 5-7 weeks
Scott Thornton (groin) 5-7 weeks


Darren Milburn (hamstring) test
Matthew Scarlett (back) test
Mitch Brown (leg) 3-5 weeks
Travis Varcoe (thumb) 5-7 weeks
Steven Motlop (shoulder) TBC


Jordan Lewis (ankle) test
Brad Sewell (shoulder) 2-3 weeks
Rhan Hooper (hamstring) 3-4 test
Wayde Skipper (hamstring) 6 weeks
Max Bailey (knee) 11 weeks
Simon Taylor (leg) 15 weeks


Jared Rivers (knee) test
Colin Sylvia (jaw) test
Neville Jetta (groin) 1-2 weeks
Austin Wonaeamirri (hamstring) 2 weeks
Daniel Bell (shoulder) 3 weeks
Cale Morton (knee) 5 weeks
Liam Jurrah (shoulder) 12 weeks
John Meesen (ankle) indefinite
Max Gawn (knee) indefinite
Luke Tapscott (hip) indefinite


Levi Greenwood (toe) test
Ed Lower (leg) 1-2 weeks
Alan Obst (quad) 1-2 weeks
Drew Petrie (foot) 5 weeks


Robbie Gray (back/hamstring) test
Paul Stewart (concussion) test
Jacob Surjan (neck) test
Wade Thompson (eye socket) 1-2 weeks
Daniel Motlop (hamstring) 3-5 weeks
John Butcher (back) indefinite
Marlon Motlop (foot) indefinite


Ben Cousins (knee) test
Ben Griffiths (shoulder) 1 week
Nathan Foley (ankle) indefinite


Raphael Clarke (hamstring) TBA
Robert Eddy (ankle) TBA
Sam Fisher (ankle) TBA
Luke Miles (leg) TBA
Jesse Smith (ankle) TBA
Jack Steven (foot) TBA


Ed Barlow (glute) test
Trent Dennis-Lane (knee) test
Lewis Johnston (foot) test
Brett Meredith (quad) 2 weeks
Craig Bird (foot) 6 weeks
Kristin Thornton (knee) 6 weeks
Jake Orreal (back) TBA


Adam Cockie (knee) available
Ryan Neates (shoulder) available
Mark LeCras (hamstring) test
Koby Stevens (knee) test
Mark Nicoski (shoulder) 2-3 weeks
Brad Sheppard (cheek) 2-3 weeks
Sam Butler (facial fracture) 3-4 weeks
Tim Houlihan (foot) 7 weeks


Brad Johnson (virus) test
Stephen Tiller (groin) 1 week
Jamason Daniels (knee) 1-2 weeks
Callan Ward (groin) 2 weeks
Sam Reid (groin) 3 weeks
Christian Howard (hip) 5 weeks

List from Superfooty

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