Monday, April 5, 2010

Looky Rookies Round 2

So Barlow has got coaches jumping of the face of the earth. Racking up 2 120 plus scores I'm a row. 

Peterson has got coaches excited getting high scores and tackling big named players.

So did you pick the right players and will they do just as good this week let's find out.

Most Named are from last week due to the fact that they are in form


Silvagni is looking very impressive for a player valued at 77 000. He has had two weeks with scores above 65 wich is good for a young guy his price. Expect him to go up up 50k if he scores more then 50 this week 60k if he scores around his average.


Two words sum up this guy BLOODY LEGEND. Two 125 plus scores in a row in his first Afl games is amazing and the best with have seen from a rookie ever. Like i said last week if you do not have this kid you are stupid at his price you better get him quick. If he gets 50 points he could rise 50k 80 points 75 more k or if he gets over 120 he could double his price get on him because he is going to get you lots of cash.


This guy has shown us that he can take on the best after laying 4 tackle which were laid on some of the Afls best players. He also is a Free Kick magnet with 9 in the last two games. If he gets over 70 this week wxpect him to get 50 more k.

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