Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 5 Round 2

So who got this highest scores this round. 

Brown was amazing, Riewoldt was Great, Bartell looked good and Barlow was impressive but did they make it into the top 5 for Round 2

Read on to find out.

1# Nick Riewoldt
2 100+ scores in a row this week getting 147. He diserves to be in anyones team and if you dont have him like me you will be really anoyed. The question is will he keep scoring these high scores.

2# Nick Dal Santo
 Last week he got a low 77 but he has made up for it with this weeks massive 144. He had a good year last year and is looking like he will this year. Expect him to get around 100 every week from now.

3# Jonathan Brown
 The only player to make the list that is not in St Kilda Brown got 141 this round and got 138 last round.That is an average of 139.5 He has kicked  12 goals this year in two games and f he keeps going can get an amazing 132 at years end. He looks fit and is a key player to the Brisbane side. But can he keep the Goals coming.

4# Brendon Goddard
 Another saints player to make the list Goddard got a really high score this week. After getting a mid 80s score last week he showed us what he is capable of and we all hope that it keeps like this and that is form does not drop.

5# Leigh Montagna
Last year this guy got scores of 150s so a  134 is not as good as you would consider it is because he got 130s lots of times last year. Monty can get over 100 every week as he showed us last year and the last 2 weeks. Expect to get 100 from this guy every week.

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